History coming!
In late May 2003, the Laramie Street western sets were bulldozed away, being replaced by a new suburban street.
The following pictures are from the personal collection of Stephen Lodge and are used by his permission.

Looking north or northeast. This is what was at one time called Laramie Street; that was when Warner's had another huge Western Street set. Together that made for blocks and blocks of streets. This was taken around 1980, when, I think, they were doing the new Maverick series with James Garner. I remember an article in Life magazine in the late '50's that showed the WB back lot Western streets from the air and there were at least six companies shooting on one block, around the corner, on the next block, etc.

Looking east or southeast. Note the side street. This side street could be used as an entirely different town, when shot from different angles.

Taken from the side street looking west or southwest toward the main street. I remember this angle from old Mavericks, Sugarfoots, Cheyennes, etc, in the '50's because it looked like a back lot set to me even then.

Looking south or southwest. Note the familiar mountain in the background. I think it's Mt. Lee--the other side is the Hollywood sign. It can also be seen in many pictures shot on the Universal back lot which parallels Warner Bros.

The following 3 photographs are used by permission of Paul Marks. They show the "castle" set used in "Lost Horizon" (the remake) and "Kung Fu" (the television series).



"Dallas" (Warner Bros 1950) Directed by: Stuart Heisler. Cast: Gary Cooper, Ruth Roman, Steve Cochran, Raymond Massey.