It took months to con my uncle George into inviting me (and my mother, she drove) to the Annie Oakley set. When he finally did, they were shooting exteriors at Gene Autry's Melody Ranch (formerly the Monogram Ranch). We were living in Whittier, California, back then, and driving to Placerita Canyon (now very close to Canyon Country) was a mighty long drive with no freeways. [Webmaster's Note: Although referred to as the Monogram Ranch, the actual name of the ranch was Placeritas Ranch.]

Brad Johnson (Lofty), Gail Davis (Annie), and me in 1954 or 1955.

Gail Davis on the set at Melody Ranch.

Gail Davis on the set at Melody Ranch. That's my uncle, George Rutter (the script supervisor), on the left holding the script.

Setting up a shot at Melody Ranch. That's me standing beside my uncle George (the script supervisor), learning a few tricks of the trade.

Brad Johnson fight scene at Melody Ranch.

Steve in front of the camera and Wonder's bread commercial set for Annie Oakley.

Gail and Jimmy Hawkins (Tagg) doing the Wonder's Bread commercial for the show. Most shows did their own commercials using the primary cast.

Setting up a shot OR rehearsing.

Shooting stopped for plane overhead.

This is a Gene Autry Flying A Production's crew bus.
A look at the Melody Ranch Western Street.

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