The CBS TV Movie of the Week, Rio Diablo, starring Kenny Rogers, Travis Tritt, Naomi Judd, and Stacy Keach, was written by myself, Frank Q. Dobbs, and David Cass. Dobbs served as a producer on the show, while Cass directed the 2nd unit. The following are some behind the scenes photos I took when visiting the Alamo Village, Texas location in September 1992.

A year before actual production on "Rio Diablo". Here are the co-writers: Stephen Lodge, David Cass, and Frank Q. Dobbs, along with legendary wrangler, Jack Lilley, on the "Gambler Returns: Luck of the Draw" location, where they dropped their "Rio" script off to Kenny Rogers' producer, Kelly Junkerman.

This is me and Rio Diablo star, Kenny Rogers--his character, Quenton Leech, bounty hunter, was a far cry from The Gambler.

Dave Cass (co-writer) with his 2nd unit camera crew.

Leech (Kenny Rogers, behind wagon at center) ducks as bad guys pour on the lead, while Rio Diablo crew films the action.

Frank Q. Dobbs, Stephen Lodge, and David Cass, the writers of Rio Diablo. We wrote the original script many years ago on a trip to the Big Bend area in Texas, then stopped at Alamo Village to complete it. The TV Movie was shot on the actual locations it was written for--unusual for Hollywood.

That's Travis Tritt (Benjamin) and me in front of the church at Alamo Village.

Beth (my wife), Louis Contrares (Almenzar), and me on the set. Louis's father, Robert--with whom I once wrote a script--costarred in the '60's TV series "High Chaparral".

This is me on the Rio Diablo set during a break.

Frank Q. Dobbs, one of the cowriters of Rio Diablo, began his career as a news commentator and cameraman for a Houston TV station. Here he puts his old craft to good use, as 3rd camera in an action sequence.

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