"Rio Diablo" 2nd Unit Director and co-writer, Dave Cass (right), tells stuntman/actor Monte Simons where he would like him to fall after he gets shot.

Dave Cass, directing 2nd unit, shouts to someone, while a camera assistant measures the distance to stuntman Bruce Barbour's position on steps, where he has just taken a fall.

Here I am again, beside my best friend, the camera.

Rio Diablo crew preparing for the bank holdup and shootout.

Between set-ups on the Rio Diablo set, Alamo Village, Texas.

Cast and crew members on the Alamo Village main street during the filming of Rio Diablo.

Kenny Rogers (at left on horse) delivering a bad guy's body to the sheriff in return for the bounty, as Rio Diablo crew films the scene.

Setting up for a different angle. Note bad guy's body on horse at right. It was a dummy, dummy!

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