Dick Jones and little-ol'-me, taken at the Placerita Cabin location. The year was more than likely 1955 as I look too young to be 12, plus, we moved to Northridge in 1956 and I distinctly remember driving from Whittier.

Dick Jones shooting the bull with a crew member between scenes. Taken at Melody Ranch.

Dick Jones on porch between scenes at Melody Ranch. Building is the same one used in Annie Oakley series for Lofty's (Brad Johnson) Sheriff's Office.

This is Nancy Gilbert, about my age, who played BBJ's little sister, Calamity.

Dick Jones, another actor, and the director. I'm pretty sure it was George Archinbaud who directed most all of the Flying A series.

One of the heavies in the show: I think it is Greg Barton.

This is an actor (name long forgotten) who was guest starring in the Buffalo Bill Jr episode. By his clothes you can see he was playing a Scotsman. Note crew members and equipment in background.

This is me watching from behind (or beside) the camera. I spent time on many more sets than the ones I took pictures of--this is where you could usually find me, engrossed in film making at a tender age.

Dick Jones on right, in front of the famous Placerita hide-out cabin (Walker Ranch). Wranglers with his horse, on left.

Loretta Kemsley was the stunt double for actress Nancy Gilbert on the show
as well as owning the horse which Jimmy Hawkins rode.

Dick Jones on right, with Steve Lodge at the 2006 Lone Pine Film Festival

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