Camp Runamuck was a 26 episode series on NBC TV show, created and produced by David Swift (a top motion picture director at the time). The premise was two summer kiddie camps, on opposite sides of a lake--one for boys, one for girls--and focusing on the camp counselors, not the kids. It was a live-action comic book, a year or so before Batman became a hit doing the same.

The Camp Runamuck set: new directors, Hal March (Host of TV's $64,000 Question) and Howard Duff (the movie and TV star), sitting foreground in canvas chairs; they were observing before tackling a show on their own. Man on phone is Seymour Freidman, Screen Gems Head of Production; beside him in blue coat, my boss, Associate Producer, Irving Temaner.

Assistant Director, Mike Dmytryk (Edward's son) pacing as he waits to call "Roll 'Em!". Stuntman, Tom Anthony, sitting on stump to Mike's left. Mike later went on to direct movies for Disney.

On the show, the girl's camp, Camp Divine, was supposed to be located across the lake. In reality, the Divine set was attached to the backside of the Camp Runamuck set, separated by a berm (man-made hill). Later, other sets were built here for the Here Come The Brides series; even later, sets for The Young Rebels were located on the same berm. Note the Camp Runamuck red jeep in foreground, Camp Divine pink jeep in the background.

Best Boy, Carl Bowles on ladder, left foreground; Bob Rosenbaum, Assistant Director, running behind Carl; Arch Johnson, one of the show's stars, in Camp Runamuck T-shirt with green paint. Others are unidentified crew.

Camp Runamuck set. Note other sets in background. One on the left was supposed to be a New York dock, if I remember correctly.

That's me on the left talking to Camp Runamuck stars, Dave Ketchum and Dave Madden (later, one of the stars of The Partridge Family). Opposite from us is Leslie Hall, costumer; she's hiding Mike Dmytryk who is looking at a call sheet. When I became a Motion Picture Costumer, it was Leslie with whom I did my very first show (a commercial).

That's me again talking to Special Effects Man, Geza Gaspar. Bob Rosenbaum, Assistant Director, is on the left in the plaid shirt. Camp Runamuck had enough sight-gags that it employed a Special Effects team full time.

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