On many occasions, Camp Runamuck used the Franklin Canyon Reservoir as a location when an actual lake was needed. Here's the crew finishing up lunch; Marie Kenny, script supervisor (blue skirt) in foreground. Note: Franklin Canyon should be recognizable as the place Andy and Opie are walking in the opening shots of the original Andy Griffith Show.

Nina Wayne, one of the stars, talking to Mike Dymtryk, between scenes.

Tom Anthony, doubling one of the stars, rides a rocket-powered surfboard while Bob Rosenbaum (gray sweatshirt) watches with another crew member. This shows the crazyness of the show.

Tom Anthony rocket-surfing off dock and into Franklin Canyon Reservoir.

Bob Rosenbaum in Camp Runamuck sweatshirt, asking Tom Anthony if he's OK. Geza Gaspar, Special Effects, applauding himself as his rocket-surfboard worked as he had planned. Mike Dmytryk behind Geza, other crew members are unidentified.

David Swift, the show's creator and producer--directing this particular segment--tells stuntman, Tom Anthony, he won't have to do it again, "That was a Print!" while Geza Gaspar helps Tom out of his rocket rigging.

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