World famous British actor, (Sir) John Mills, needed something to keep him busy while his daughter, Haley (The Parent Trap), did her movies for Walt Disney. CBS signed him to star in Dundee & The Culhane, created especially for Mills' talents. His co-star was Sean Garrison, playing The Culhane. I still don't know what a Culhane is. Anyway, this was my second show as a Costumer after my stint on The Fugitive TV series. We shot the first few segments in Arizona, then came back to Hollywood to finish up the 13 initial (and only) segments. The show was an early cancellation that year--1967. Take a look.

Fred Stromsoe doubling Sean Garrison in a fight sequence at the Bell Movie Ranch in 1967.

Dundee (John Mills in his American TV debut) and The Culhane (Sean Garrison) in buckboard shoot a scene for the series at the Bell Movie Ranch. Chuck Wilbourn is sound boom man in background.

John Mills, Sean Garrison (hidden behind Mills) and unidentified actor.

Max Stein (Assistant Director) and Leo Penn (Director -- Sean Penn's father) between takes. I had worked with Penn on "The Fugitive" the year before this picture was taken.

This is me at Old Tucson on the Dundee & Culhane set.

Steve Lodge and Chuck Wilbourn (sound boom man) at the Bell Movie Ranch, lunchtime, Dundee & The Culhane.

Stephen Lodge and John Mills on the Tucson location for CBS series, Dundee & The Culhane (1967).

Dundee & The Culhane crew members play with a Frisbee during their lunch hour at the Bell movie ranch, located in Bell Canyon above Chatsworth, California - 1967.

Sean Garrison, Stephen Lodge, John Mills, on Thousand Oaks location for Dundee and The Culhane, 1967.

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