Dundee and The Culhane segment director, Ida Lupino (in blue outfit with straw hat and matching band) talking to veteran (Republic Studios) director of photography, Jack Marta, to her left (photo's right), while show's star, Sean Garrison (left) and others listen.

Western street at Apacheland, Arizona. Same street used in many westerns, including 1971's "A Time for Dying", Audie Murphy's last picture--directed by Budd Boetticher--which Murphy produced and played a minor part to the film's star, Murphy's own discovery, Richard Lapp.

(Reverse angle of) Apacheland Western Street while shooting Dundee & The Culhane. On right, soundman Chuck Wilbourn talks with guest star John Barrymore, Jr. (Drew's father).

Dundee & The Culhane camera crew prepares to film a scene with John McIntire (Wagon Train), John Mills, and David Canary (Bonanza), seen here digging in the fort's compound. For what, I have long forgotten.

From left: David Canary (kneeling), John Mills, Sally Kellerman, and Sean Garrison (all seated on porch steps)--while D&C crew films them doing a scene at Northern Arizona fort set built for Warner Bros. "A Distant Trumpet."

Sean Garrison and John Mills, co-stars of Dundee & The Culhane, run their lines between scenes.

John Mills (kneeling) and David Canary rehearse a scene for Dundee & The Culhane, on the Arizona fort set.

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