Apacheland Studios' one and only sound stage. We called the place Apacheland back then, but note the words Apacheland Studios painted over and only Apache Junction, Arizona, left showing below. Our crew bus on the left, prop or electrical truck on right. No idea whose camper is parked in foreground. This Arizona moviemaking location is/was located near Scottsdale, Arizona, where the cast and crew stayed during filming. [Webmaster's Note: Apacheland still exists, open to the public, located near Apache Junction, Arizona, east of Phoenix and south of Scottsdale.]

Guest star Warren Oates (Sam Peckenpah favorite) in foreground; John Mills behind him, shoot scene for Dundee & The Culhane at Apacheland, Arizona, 1967.

Mr. & Mrs. John Mills took their tea time every afternoon at precisely 4:00 PM on the Dundee & The Culhane set.

The following is a series of four photos taken before, during, and after an explosion scene on the Arizona set of Dundee & The Culhane. Stuntman doing fall is Jack Williams.

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