A practical interior (inside a real adobe building) in Old Tucson. It was over 100 degrees outside; when all the lighting was done, the actors had to play their scene in extremely hot circumstances. Left to right: John Mills, Benson Fong, Sean Garrison. Extra in background is Jeff Sneller, a Tucson local at the time--later to co-write the original Kingdom of the Spiders screenplay with Yours Truly. All the actor's clothing was soaked in sweat when this photo was taken so no sweat stains are seen.

Main Street Old Tucson in 1967, way before the Kansas Street was built nearby. Today the vista you see is no more. Houses have been constructed here and there, and they make shots like this impossible.

The mission at Old Tucson in 1967.

John Mills (in top hat) kneeling in front of camera. Jeff Sneller in brown hat with back to camera watching from off stage.

Benson Fong (Charlie Chan movies) and Donnelley Rhodes (Soap) riding into the deserted Old Tucson mission square. Photo taken from mission porch--note saloon on Main Street behind them.

On porch, left to right: Steve Ihnat (later, my writing partner on The Honkers), Ken Mayer, and Fred Stromsoe. Mike Messenger, the First Assistant Director, foreground in white shirt.

Left to right: Donnelley Rhodes, unidentified actress, John Mills, Sean Garrison, unidentified camera assistant, Jack Marta (director of photography) behind camera, rehearsing a scene for Dundee & The Culhane--Old Tucson, 1967. Note the Arizona afternoon sky. We had gully washers every night.

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