You were expecting George Segal and Goldie Hawn? Not that easy when I was assigned to the 2nd Unit the entire shoot. 1st Unit was George & Goldie; 2nd Unit, the Outlaw Gang. Another mistake I made was that I shot hundreds of feet of 8mm film and almost no stills. What I have here are all I could find documenting the several months I spent on Colorado locations for the 20th Century Fox film. Some definitions: 1st Unit -- uses primarily the principal actors doing the main scenes in the script, and is supervised by the director of the film. 2nd Unit -- uses secondary actors and stuntpeople, and is helmed by the 2nd Unit director (usually a stuntperson); this unit films almost all of the action scenes in a movie.

The Bloodworth Gang: L to R on horseback: Robert Hoy; Walter Scott; Roy Jenson; Jerry Gatlin; Bennie Dobbins; standing, Melvin Frank, director of The Duchess and The Dirtwater Fox. The 2nd Unit was directed by Max Klein, a seasoned stuntman/director. This photo was taken when the two units happened to be working side-by-side one day.

Roy Jenson and Walter Scott clown around on the set of The Duchess and The Dirtwater Fox. We filmed parts of the show in and around Central City, Colorado. Central City is an old silvermining town, built in the 1800's. All we had to do was dirt in the paved street and we had an instant Western town.

Robert Hoy in character for his role as a member of the notorious Bloodworth Gang in "The Duchess and The Dirtwater Fox". Hoy, known primarily for his recurring role on tv's "High Chaparral", has combined acting and stuntwork throughout his amazing career.

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