Recently, my wife, Beth, and I were invited to visit my old writing partner, Dave Cass's set of Animal Planet's Night of the Wolf, which he was directing. The show stars Anne Archer and Robert Urich. They were shooting at The Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch, located near Valencia, California. We were only there for a few hours as they were shooting a split day - some day scenes/some night scenes - and served a hot lunch in the late afternoon to allow the sun to set while they were eating. They only shot one scene while we were there, some of which I was able to catch on film. Those photos follow:

Camera Operator, Frank Q. Dobbs, and Director of Photography, Jim Wrenn, discuss lighting between shots on the Night of the Wolf set..

Director, David S. Cass, Sr., (left, back to camera) and Assistant Director, David S. Cass, Jr., (right, back to camera), discuss the next shot with Director of Photography, Jim Wrenn (left) and Camera Operator, Frank Q. Dobbs.

Director, David S. Cass, Sr., (pointing), seated beside his son, David, Jr., his Assistant Director, as Script Supervisor, Sharon Cingle, laughs at something that was said.

Robert Urich (far right) and Zach Bostrom (partially hidden), discuss problems with a truck engine while shooting a scene from Animal Planet's, Night of the Wolf.

Anne Archer made her screen debut in The Honkers, my first produced screenplay. Here we are, meeting again years later, on the set of Anne's Animal Planet movie, Night of the Wolf.

Frank Dobbs and his Camera Assistant, Greg Magido, set up a high shot.

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