Some of the Night of the Wolf crew at the Crafts Service Table. There's one to be found on every set.

A discussion by the camera.

Beth Lodge and Frank Q. Dobbs on the Night of the Wolf set.

Frank Dobbs, Steve Lodge, and Dave Cass. The three of us had not been together since we were on the Rio Diablo set in 1992--a show the three of us had co-written.

Eating out at Nature's Restaurant. I've had thousands of these "outdoor" meals--and they aren't bad, unless it's raining, or snowing, or --

Co-star of Night of the Wolf, newcomer, Zach Bostrom. Look forward to seeing more of him in the future. The dog is named Spanky. He has a nice part in the show.

After we'd been there for about three hours, the crew broke for a late lunch so they could continue shooting after dark doing night shots. Here they are lined up for their hot meal.

Since I had spent quite a few years as a Motion Picture Costumer before I met Beth (left), I wanted to show her a wardrobe truck. Costume Designer, Marge Bower, and her Costumer, Ednita Trivino, were kind enough to allow us to take a look inside one of their Night of the Wolf wardrobe trailers.

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