Brian Keith and Stephen Lodge on the CBS Studio Center back lot (formerly Republic Pictures) in 1968.

Kathy Garver (Sissy) and me, on Stage 10 at CBS Studio Center where the Family Affair TV show was filmed.

Sebastian Cabot (Mr. French), known to the crew as Sabby, Steve Lodge, and Brian Keith between shots on the set.

Brian Keith (Uncle Bill) and Annisa Jones (Buffy) doing a scene for Family Affair.

Brian Keith relaxing between scenes on Family Affair. Norman Stevens, one-time president of the Screen Extras Guild, on the left, working as an extra, of course.

John Stephens (Production Manager) and Ed Hartman (Producer) on Family Affair set, back lot of CBS Studio Center (formerly Republic Studios). Family Affair usually took place in a New York apartment setting. For this particular show we were shooting a two-part episode dealing with the twins getting lost on an European vacation--therefore, the back lot.

Charlie Barton (Director) and Brian Keith on CBS Studio Center back lot (originally Republic Studios), very familiar territory for B-Western fans.

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