Brian Keith
- taken on the Family Affair set, Stage 10, CBS Studio Center, 1968.

Charles (Charlie) Barton, the Family Affair director. Very nice fellow.

The Family Affair crew setting up a shot on the back lot at CBS Studio Center (formerly Republic Studios).

Richard Learman (Assistant Director) on Family Affair set at CBS Studio Center back lot (formerly Republic Studios). I scanned this photo because it shows the Mexican hacienda set better than most of the other pictures I took. This set can be seen in some very old Gene Autry movies; also Roy Rogers, and, I'm sure, most of the other Republic B-Westerns; plus 100's of TV shows from Gunsmoke to Wild Wild West.

Someone's birthday party on the Family Affair set, 1968 season. LtoR: Dick Cobos, makeup; Katherine Deeny, The kid's teacher; Julie Gibson, dialogue coach (later married Charlie Barton, the director); Iris Kramer, standin; Steve Lodge, costumer; Paula Jones, Annisa's mother; Brian Keith, "Uncle Bill"; Armine, hairdresser; Anissa Jones, "Buffy"; Thelma Strom, key costumer (sitting at table in foreground).

Sebastian Cabot running his lines; his Costumer (me) slinking away after making sure his tie was tied just right.

Brian Keith in the New York apartment set on Stage 10 at CBS Studio Center, summer 1968.

Sebastian Cabot in the middle of a scene for the Family Affair TV show, in the New York apartment living room on Stage 10 at CBS Studio Center.

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