Ken Gilbert (Script Supervisor) in orange shirt; Don Smith (Propman) in white shirt; watch David Janssen, Mark Dymally (child), and Bing Russell (Kurt's father, playing the cop) shoot a scene for The Fugitive TV series. Name of episode was "In A Plain Paper Wrapper", Third Season.

The Fugitive crew. Sully (crafts service) sitting on camera case; Bob Rubin (Assistant Director) in chair with newspaper, something you rarely saw Bob doing. Other crew in background too hard to identify, except for Vince Martinelli in jacket with red stripe.

The Fugitive crew at Iverson's Ranch. Hard to identify most of them. Vaughn Ashen (Gaffer) in chair with red sweater draped over back. Could be Ray Rich in blue shirt behind Vaughn.

This picture is my personal favorite. Janssen and his "The Fugitive" crew hard at work high in the hills over the Upper Iverson Ranch (note the familiar insert roads below). Shooting difficult-to-reach locations with an Arriflex camera, was an everyday occurance for the Fugitive company.

Barry Morse (Lt. Gerard) directing an episode. Bob Hoffman, Director of Photography, Vince Martinelli, camera assistant.
The crew shooting on the Goldwyn Studios backlot -- loading dock doubling as a bus depot. Taken in 1967.

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