My uncle George worked on "The Fury" TV show as the script supervisor. Knowing how much I wanted to be an actor, he got me a job as an extra on the show ("The Boy Scout Story" episode). I was growing too fast and got taller than the show's star, Bobby Diamond, so after that one shot I was out. My younger brother, Bob, was able to work on several "Fury" shows after that. When he did, I would go along for the ride, always taking my 8mm movie camera. Movie film is all I ever shot when we were on the set at Upper Iversons ranch. The following shots are blow-ups from the old 8mm film.

My brother Bob in the makeup chair. Makeup man could be Lee Greenway.

Jimmy Baird and Bobby Diamond rehearsing a scene.

Closer - Jimmy Baird and Bobby Diamond.

Director, Sidney Salkow, in print shirt on right, rehearsing his actors.

Sidney Salkow directing a scene from the "Fury" TV show.

Lighting a scene for "Fury".

Bobby Diamond and Jimmy Baird.

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