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My brother Bob in center wearing red shirt, in a scene from "Fury".

Bobby Diamond and Peter Graves chuckle as Bill Fawcett falls into a watering trough.

Full cast of the "Fury" TV show filming the Tag for an episode (Jimmy Baird in space suit).

The Fury ranch house with barn in the distance. Both of these exterior sets were duplicated on a soundstage at the KTTV TV studios in Hollywood. On the stage across from the Fury set was the Lassie set, starring Tommy Rettig. A good off-screen friend of Bobby Diamond, Tommy would visit the Fury set on occasion.

The familiar Fury barn and gate with the Broken Wheel Ranch sign.

The Fury camera crew.

Peter Graves at the coffee truck.

Bobby Diamond on the set.

Veteran character actor Bill Fawcett, one of the stars of Fury.

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