This photo captures Patty Duke as her friends knew her: always smiling and good for a joke or two between scenes. We all called her Anna, because Anna was her given name.

Richard Boone was possibly one of the nicest actors I've ever worked with, and a great sense of humor, too. Before his wardrobe fitting, I had found an old dark blue Paladin Have Gun Will Travel shirt that Boone had worn years earlier in that series. At the appropriate time, I produced the shirt and told him that director Michael O'Herlihy wanted him to wear the outfit in Deadly Harvest. "You bet I'll wear it," he exclaimed, "that shirt made me a millionaire!"

Relaxing between scenes. Patty Duke (Anna) on left, Michael O'Herlihy, the director, in white hat studying his script.

Patty Duke relaxing between scenes.

Michael Constantine played the part of Groza, a friend of Boone's character. I had worked with Michael on The Fugitive TV show, where he had done several episodes, including the final two-parter -- the last Fugitive show was the highest rated series episode in TV history at the time.

That old CBS camera crew on top of the truck again, this time at the Christian Brothers' winery.

Silhouette of CBS camera crew -- nice for a closing shot.

I actually am credited as an actor in Deadly Harvest. I played a motorist who attempts to pick up Patty Duke as she walks down the road at the end of the movie. The scene was cut out, BUT, I still get residuals from it, and IMDB (Internet Movie Database) still carries me as part of the cast. This is a frame from the actual film shot of the scene. The editor gave me the film after it was cut out, so it didn't end up on the cutting room floor after all -- it's in my desk drawer.

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