Here Come The Brides ran on the ABC TV network for two seasons, 1968/69 and 1969/70. It starred Robert Brown, Joan Blondell, Bobby Sherman, David Soul, Henry Beckman, Bridget Hanley, and Susan Tolsky. I worked as a set costumer for most of both seasons. I didn't take my camera with me that much, but when I did I ended up with what follows.

This is a studio photograph showing the cast and crew of Here Come The Brides. I'm in the bottom row, second from the right.

David Soul (later of Starsky & Hutch), Robert Brown, Steve Lodge, Bobby Sherman, on the Here Come The Brides set at the Columbia Ranch in Burbank, California.

Steve Lodge, Alan Tomason, stuntman, and Pat McGrath (my boss, the Key Men's Costumer), on the HCTB set at Columbia Ranch.

Dave Cass and me on HCTB set. Note Dave's costume, he was Robert Brown's stunt double back then; we had just begun to write our first script together.

Dave Cass, doubling Robert Brown, does a horse and rider "take down". The Indian is legendary stuntman, Henry Wills, using his personal falling horse for the scene.

Dave Cass, playing a Logger here, is ejected from the saloon--the hard way! Dave not only doubled the show's star, he was allowed to play a few parts, and double other actors as well.

Dave Cass shakes it off after coming through a breakaway window on the set at Columbia Ranch - 1969.

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