Henry Beckman (Captain Clancy), David Soul (Joshua), Bobby Sherman (Jeremy), and Robert Brown (Jason) shoot a night scene for Here Come The Brides at the Columbia Ranch in Burbank, California. Captain Clancy's ship, in foreground, was built on rollers. We could make the ship appear to dock and cast off by rolling the entire ship set into frame, and out. We also moved the ship to the Western Street when the boys took a trip to another port, and onto the sound stage for at sea scenes.

Night scene on the Seattle Street set.

More night shooting with (L to R) unidentified actor, David Soul, Robert Brown, and Joan Blondell (in blue dress). Others are extras.

Good shot showing the Here Come The Brides Seattle Street (same berm used as the Camp Runamuck girl's camp, Camp Divine, a few years earlier), featuring one of the Brides, Jill Janssen; my own bride in 1969.

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