Second camera operator, Jack Willowby, pans with a parade entrant as director, Steve Ihnat, calls for the action to speed it up. Actors, James Coburn and Ted Eckles continue to ride along on the camera car.

Steve Lodge, co-writer of The Honkers, and its star, James Coburn, between takes at the rodeo grounds.

Anne Archer, playing the rich girl, at the rodeo grounds, That's Slim Pickins in his rodeo clown outfit behind her.

This is Lois Nettleton (Linda, Lew's estranged wife) on The Honkers set at the Carlsbad, New Mexico, rodeo grounds.

Jim Coburn as rodeo rider, Lew Lathrop, getting his closeup during a championship bull ride. To simulate the real bull's movement, our special effects team devised this "fake" bull, built on a fulcrum with springs, and anchored to a six-wheeled ATV, driven by stunt coordinator, Jerry Gatlin, over some prearranged bumpy ground. Coburn was then followed with a long-focal lens (see next picture), in which only a closeup of his face was captured. The scenery behind him was still all the real color of the rodeo grounds, including the parked cars, and the pick-up men, and their horses, in the arena with him.

This is camera operator, Gene Talvin, shooting James Coburn's closeup (for the bull ride sequence) with an Arriflex camera--long-focal lens attached.

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