This is the closest I have to a cast and crew picture--taken on The Honkers set at the Carlsbad, New Mexico, rodeo grounds:
L to R standing: Steve Ihnat, director/co-writer; Slim Pickins, co-star; Harry Vold, rodeo producer; Mary McFarren, costumer; Larry Mahan, actor and five-time world champion cowboy; James Coburn, star of The Honkers; Floyd Baze, rodeo cowboy playing himself.
L to R kneeling: Gene Talvin, camera operator; Ross Dollarhide, actor and champion bulldogger; Stephen Lodge, co-writer; Elliott Shick, production manager/1st assistant director.

"The Honkers" co-star, Slim Pickins, gives director/co-writer, Steve Ihnat a needed neck rub while co-writer, Stephen Lodge looks on.

The writers of "The Honkers", Steve Ihnat, who also directed, and Stephen Lodge, share a few rodeo tales on the set, while camera operator, Gene Talvin, and his assistant, prepare for the next setup.

Slim Pickins (Clete Lomax) in his rodeo clown outfit, riding a mule in "The Honkers" rodeo parade. Jim Davis (sheriff) on horseback, to the right.

At the time we shot "The Honkers", Larry Mahan, seen here with yours truly, was the current RCA World Champion Rodeo Cowboy, a title he had held for five years straight.

James Coburn, as Lew Lathrop, in the middle of a shot, during the motel party sequence, on the set at Carlsbad, New Mexico, 1971.

Getting the slate for two cameras during the parade sequence. 2nd camera operator, Jack Willowby, in yellow shirt, Director of Photography, James Crabe, in pink shirt. 1st camera operator, Gene Talvin, was hidden on a roof somewhere with a third camera.

"Rita & Jack's" (Joan Huntington and Ramon Bieri) red Caddy overheats during the parade. This car problem was in the script.

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