"Hotwire" was a small, locally (Houston) produced film, co-written and directed by my friend, Frank Q. Dobbs. The movie starred several biggies: Academy Award winner, George Kennedy, and Sam Peckinpah favorite, Strother Martin, working together as they had in "Cool Hand Luke" some years earlier. Strother and John Terry play a couple of inept car thieves who are pursued by lawman Kennedy. Kennedy plays two parts in the film, the above mentioned cop and his weasely twin brother who runs an used car lot. Dave Cass and I were along for the ride. Here are some pics taken on the "Hotwire" shoot in the Houston area.

That's me behind the camera directing my "one-and-only" shot as second unit director.

Frank Q. Dobbs, director and co-writer of "Hotwire", talking to his assistant. Producer David Ford is directly behind him (with beard).

Strother Martin and Stephen Lodge on the Houston, Texas, set of "Hotwire".

Director Frank Q. Dobbs shows his camera crew how he wants a dolly shot to end.

Jean Sanders as "Callie" in "Hotwire", taken on the set.

George Kennedy as twin brother, lawman "Harley", taken on the Hotwire set, 1979.

George Kennedy as the other twin brother, used car dealer "Farley" on the "Hotwire" set, Houston, Texas.

John Terry as "Billy-Ed", professional car thief, in "Hotwire".

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