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Strother Martin as "Weasel" and John Terry as "Billy-Ed", the car thieves sought by George Kennedy in "Hotwire".

Stephen Lodge and George Kennedy on the "Hotwire" set, Houston, Texas, 1979.

Wherever you find Frank Q. Dobbs, you'll find Dave Cass. Here's Dave playing "Cassidy", the number one henchman in "Hotwire". These days Dobbs & Cass are still together, they've just finished working as producers on the feature film "Texas Rangers".

The lead bad guy in "Hotwire", Lawrence (Larry) Dobkin as "Bodine", on the set. Dobkin, a fine director in his own right, came back to Texas three years later to helm "Lone Star Bar & Grill", a six segment series for Showtime.

"Hotwire" soundman, Tim Hinds, worked double duty on the show; he recorded the sound on the set, then transferred the tape after hours so we would have dailies every day.

There were plenty of laughs behind the camera when director, Frank Dobbs, put on a funny nose, to John Terry's delight.

Strother Martin as "Weasel" on the "Hotwire" set--Houston, Texas, 1979.

Not only did the "Hotwire" script call for completely destroying a Rolls Royce (in background here), it also had George Kennedy's white suit covered completely in motor oil.

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