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Stephen Lodge behind the camera
Stephen Lodge - Behind The Scenes

Stephen died on February 26, 2017

There will be no further updates to this website.

Welcome to the Behind the Scenes Website.

For many years, the International Cinematographer's (Cameraman's) Guild had a rule banning the taking of personal photographs on Motion Picture and TV sets. Still photos taken exclusively by a union member were all that were allowed.

My aunt and uncle both worked in the business, she at Monogram/Allied Artists; he for Gene Autry's Flying-A Productions--and it was they who were responsible for getting me through the proverbial studio gates and onto the sets of my favorite Movies and TV shows.

My personal still-photo collection began in 1950, on the Monogram Pictures' Johnny Mack Brown set at the Iverson Ranch.

My mother, ignorant of the union's rules, took along our little Kodak Brownie Hawkeye tucked away in her purse and snapped away. After that, our trusty camera was always with us whenever we visited the film sets. Sometimes we were lucky, sometimes we weren't. What remains is my collection.

The Fugitive photos were taken with my Polaroid. The two cameramen on the show let me walk around boldly taking my shots as they both figured Polaroids couldn't be copied and would fade in time anyway. Boy were they wrong.

In the late 60s, the union rule was changed. More people (including most crew members) began bringing their personal cameras to the sets.

I went to work for the studios in the early 60s, bringing my camera out whenever I wasn't too busy working.

Today I feel bad because I didn't shoot more Behind The Scenes photos when I had the opportunity.

So, here's what I have. I hope you enjoy them.

Stephen Lodge

Annie Oakley Show

Buffalo Bill Jr. around 1956

Camp Runamuck

Columbia Ranch

Deadly Harvest

Dundee and The Culhane

Duchess and Dirtwater Fox

Family Affair

The Fugitive


Gene Autry Show

Here Come The Brides

Have Gune Will Travel

The Honkers


Johnny Mack Brown

Kingdom of the Spiders

Eye of the Wolf

The Ravagers

Rio Diablo

The Roy Rogers Show


The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid

Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn

Wild Bill Hickock

The Young Rebels

On and Off the Set


Vintage Behind the Scenes


Dorothy Hack Collection

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