These photographs were taken at the world famous Iverson Movie Ranch during the filming of the 1951 Johnny Mack Brown film, Whistling Hills.

Johnny and his leading lady, Noel Neil (later the second TV Lois Lane on Superman)

Pamela Duncan and Jimmy Ellison having a conversation. Ellison, I have read, did several Johnny Mack Brown's for Monogram in the late 40's, early 50's. Here he is obviously playing a lawman of some kind. Maybe he was a love interest, as JMB was getting pretty old by then. Who knows?

On the Johnny Mack Brown set at Lower Iverson's Ranch. L to R: Danny Sands (stuntman) sitting, Marshall Reed (the lead heavy) in suit, center, and Whitey Hughes (with back to camera), shoot the bull while some excited fans look on.

Filmed at Iverson's Ranch on the western street: when they called "Lunch!" my mother said, "Come on, let's go eat." Then she proceeded to walk across the street to a Restaurant, opened the door, and found it to be just a false-front, like all the buildings in the Iverson's town.

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