In the early 1970's, my friend, Jeff Sneller, and I were having lunch and were discussing what frightened us the most. Both of us agreed that spiders had caused us both much agitated grief throughout our childhoods. Bingo! We decided to write a script about spiders--little ones, not giant ones--something everyone could identify with. We shopped the script around and eventually interest died. Several years later, Sneller became involved with producer Igo Kantor. He showed him "The Spiders" (the original title), and Kantor liked it. The picture was filmed in Camp Verde and Sedona, Arizona, in early 1977; released later the same year. Since then, it has become a late night classic.

Kingdom of the Spiders cast and crew on location in Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Arizona.

Director of Photography John Morrell, Director John "Bud" Cardos, and an unidentified crew member, on the Arizona location of Kingdom of the Spiders.

Here's Kingdom of the Spiders star, William Shatner, posing for me on the set.

Kingdom of the Spiders leading lady, Tiffany Bowling, on the set in Arizona.

David McLean, playing Sheriff Gene Smith. He is standing in front of some of the "real" spiders, we used in the picture--2,000 in all. Note the plastic cups covering the spiders between takes; this was how they were kept from running off. Just before the director called action, the entire crew would move in, uncover the spiders, then run out of camera range, then the scene could begin.

William Shatner as veterinarian Rack Hanson, rehearsing a scene with "the mayor", Roy Engel (with rings on fingers). Sorry I cut you out, Roy, but like any good cameraman, I was "staying with the money!"

Altovise Davis (Sammy's wife), as Birch Colby, rehearsing with David McLean (Sheriff Smith). She's about to learn that her husband, Walter, played by Woody Strode, has been killed in a mysterious automobile accident.

William Shatner and Tiffany Bowling play a scene during the filming of Kingdom of the Spiders in Sedona, Arizona, 1977.

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