A veteran of many excellent John Ford films, Woody Strode was quite a "catch" for the producers of Kingdom of the Spiders. Here he is as Walter Colby, the man whose prize calf was the first victim of the deadly spiders.

Here's Woody Strode and Altovise Davis playing husband & wife, Walter and Birch Colby, rehearsing the scene that opens the movie, just before the spiders attack Walter's prize-winning calf.

Stephen Lodge, co-writer of the original script, from which "Kingdom of the Spiders" would emerge.

My good friend, Hoke Howell, playing gas station owner, Earl Forbes--a part Jeff and I wrote especially for him. I met Hoke on "Here Come The Brides", where he was cast as storeowner, Ben Perkins. Later he would star in a short film I co-wrote (with Hoke) and directed, called "One Block Away".

In the final scenes of "Kingdom of the Spiders", William Shatner is attacked by the long-legged creatures; here he is contemplating, just before the "real, live" spiders were applied to his face and body.

Here's a real good close shot of a live human being with the spiders covering his body. We webbed quite a few local Camp Verde citizens and did this to them, and I always thought Californians were the crazy ones.

"Kingdom of the Spiders" producer, Igo Kantor; co-writer of the original script, Stephen Lodge; and the show's star, William Shatner, on the set in Camp Verde, Arizona.

Here I am with Woody Strode, a wonderful human being and one of my favorite actors. Note: He autographed the photo for me.

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