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Terry Wilson (Wagon Train), Neil Summers (The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean), and Dave Cass (Streets of Laredo) on the Old Tucson set of Dingus Magee, the Frank Sinatra starrer.

Set Pals - Steve Lodge, Roy Demney, Mayf Nuter, with downtown Houston, Texas, as a backdrop.

The VIP lounge in some airport. One of the many crews I worked with waiting for a flight that has been delayed. L to R: Dave Cass; Special Effects man, Dick Whatever-his-last-name-was; Propman without a name; Unidentified crewmember or wife; Stephen Lodge.

That's me standing guard in one of the many wardrobe trucks I've worked out of over the years.

My good friend and sometimes writing partner, Frank Q. Dobbs, behind the eye-piece where he really loves to be.