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Jesse Wayne and I have been friends since we were a fight team at Corriganville in 1959. Jesse went on to become a professional stuntman; he has been the stunt-double for Mickey Rooney, The Three Stooges, Barbara Stanwick, and others down through the years.

Jesse Wayne (falling) and Steve Lodge (shooting) during a fight routine for the pilot of The Wrangler on the KTLA-TV Sunset lot in 1959.


Good friends Jesse Wayne and Steve Lodge in the 1960's.

This is Jesse Wayne and me on the set of Any Afternoon, a short film directed by another friend, John Woodbridge. I worked as an actor, Jesse as assistant director and cameraman. Dave Cass was the only other actor. Jesse and I never got to work together much over the years, so a little show like this one was a reunion for us, so to speak.

Jesse Wayne today.

When Jesse Wayne and I were knocking the hell out of each other at Corriganville in 1959, around the same time, Dave Cass and Frank Q. Dobbs were making a 16mm Western movie at Old Tucson where Dave worked as a stuntman/gunfighter. Frank, dressed here as an outlaw for the film he was directing that starred Dave, was stationed at a nearby Army base. He and Dave met at Old Tucson; a few years later Dave would introduce me to Frank and his partner, Mike Cusack, who ran MFC Films in Houston, Texas.