The Ravagers was shot on location near Huntsville and Mobile, Alabama, in the winter of 1978. It starred Richard Harris, Ann Turkel, Woody Strode, Ernest Borgnine, and Art Carney. A futuristic plot, which has Harris searching for civilization in 1991 after most human life has been wiped out. Instead, he finds Carney, Strode, and Borgnine. Together with Turkel, as Harris' love interest, they stave off the Ravagers, a bloodthirsty bunch, who go around looting and killing everybody in sight.

Shooting on location at Huntsville's Space Museum, the historical rockets and space vehicles were aged and dirtied down to make them appear as if they have survived a nuclear holocaust. Here the crew searches for a camera setup, Director Richard Compton in blue coat.

Art Carney and Steve Lodge on location for Ravagers in Huntsville, Alabama, 1978. Carney had a pretty small part at first (basically a cameo), but when the executives watched him in dailies back in Hollywood, the script was rewritten and his part grew considerably.

Richard Harris, as The Loner, in his field growing his food, for Ravagers, 1978. Harris had to do a rain scene. A wetsuit was offered to him to wear under his costume. He refused; he wanted to feel the rain and cold weather, so his interpretation of the character could be enhanced. Wet and chilled the entire night we shot the sequence, Harris never complained. A real pro!

The Ravagers crew, getting ready for a shot outside a large cave in Huntsville, Alabama. It was always cold when we were shooting, except inside the cave, where it remained at a reasonable temperature at all times.

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