Snowbeast, to quote someone's comment on IMDB, " your typical guy-in-a-white-hairy-sasquatch-suit terrorizing a ski resort." Shot in Crested Butte, Colorado, in the winter of 1977, Snowbeast starred Bo Svenson (Speed II: Cruise Control), Yvette Mimieux (The Time Machine), Robert Logan (Adventures of the Wildernesss Family), Clint Walker (TV's Cheyenne), and film legend, Silvia Sidney. Helmed by prolific TV director Herb Wallerstein, and written by Joe Stefano (Psycho), Snowbeast took cast and crew to the 10,000 foot Colorado location for several weeks of strenuous movie-making in below zero weather. Snowbeast was photographed by Frank Stanley who also shot Clint Eastwood's The Eiger Sanction.

The cast and crew of Snowbeast eating lunch on the 10,000 foot Crested Butte, Colorado, location--a restaurant with a great view!

L to R: Director of Photography, Frank Stanley; director, Herb Wallerstein; Clint Walker; and the camera crew, prepare for a scene in downtown Crested Butte, Colorado. Note the white "Stanleyboard" in foreground--Frank Stanley was famous for these; they reflected a softer light than the usual foil reflectors, or nine-lights.

Bo Svenson keeping warm between shots. We had loads of these gas powered heaters on the set, used to keep the camera and film warm; also the cast and crew. It rarely got above 5 degrees during the day, 30 below at night.

L to R: Director, Herb Wallerstein, unidentified crew member, Yvette Mimieux, Bo Svenson, and Costume Designer, Guy Verhille, waves at camera, rehearsing a scene before the camera was set up.

The Snowbeast (Mike London) and one of his victims, Annie McEnroe (playing Heidi).

Bo Svenson, Clint Walker, and Bob Logan (in blue coat) doing a scene.

Bob Logan (in swim trunks) shivers while Bo Svenson waits in heated pool for director Herb Wallerstein (in purple cap) to call action. During their closeups, both actor's hair froze because of the below-zero weather. If you look close at the film on TV, you can actually see their hair freeze before your eyes as the scene progresses.

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