The Secret Adventures of
Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn

Written by David Taylor and Carlos Davis, Rascals and Robbers - The Secret Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, based on Mark Twain's famous characters, was shot on location in Natchez, Mississippi, in the summer of 1981. A CBS TV Movie of the Week, directed by Dick Lowry (The Gambler) and produced by his brother Hunt, the show starred a teenage Anthony Michale Hall as "Huck" and Patrick Creadon as "Tom". The supporting cast consisted of Anthony Zerbe (True Crime; Harry-O), Ed Begly Jr (St. Elsewhere), Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City), and veteran heavy, Anthony James (Unforgiven).

"Old" Natchez, Mississippi, doubled for the Missouri River Town described in the script; all we did was dirt in the paved street, the rest is movie magic.

Anthony James as the villain, "Scree", and Stephen Lodge, clown around on the set.

Dave Cass as "The Overseer" on the plantation set.

Anthony Michael Hall (The Breakfast Club; Pirates of Silicon Valley) as "Huck". Behind him sitting on the porch is Cynthia Nixon.

Patrick Creadon as "Tom Sawyer" on the set. Producer Hunt Lowry, sitting in tall chair (plaid shirt), behind him. Rosanna Norton, Academy Award nominee for Airplane, sitting in regular chair in front of Lowry. Man standing in white shirt is Carlos Davis, one of the writers.

Anthony Zerbe as "Arco the Magnificent", a traveling circus performer and con artist.

Ed Begley Jr as "Jeb Thomas", coupled with Cynthia Nixon as the owners of a tavern where Tom & Huck end up one day in their travels.

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