The Secret Adventures of
Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn

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Here's Dick Lowry (director of all but one of Kenny Rogers' The Gambler series) relaxing on the set between shots.

Makeup man, Tony Lane, at work on actress Cynthia Nixon for a night scene. By the looks of it, Tony has just told one of the jokes he was famous for telling.

John Quern (Mountain Man), Neil Summers (Halfbreed), and Steve Lodge, on the set in Natchez, Mississippi. Stuntman/Actor Neil Summers (My Names Is Nobody; The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean) is a longtime friend; we go back to Dundee & The Culhane in 1967. That's where I first met Neil and Dave Cass.

Local Natchez extras dressed as 1850's churchgoers, waiting between scenes.

Dave Cass & Steve Lodge on the set. Note: This picture is a joke. Dave is really taller than I am.

The CBS crew setting up on a dirt covered Natchez, Mississippi street for Rascals & Robbers - The Further Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

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