My family vacationed in Big Bear Lake, California, every summer when I was a kid. Nearby Cedar Lake had been home to many movie companies over the years, and when we were staying in Big Bear, the Wild Bill Hickock Show shot several episodes. Cedar Lake was always closed to the public during these shoots. Well, one evening my younger brother, Bob, and I stopped a cowboy on the Big Bear Lake streets, and of course, he turned out to be a member of the WBH cast. His name I'll never forget--Bill French. It was he who finagled getting us past the red tape and onto the WBH set the next day. Sorry, no pictures of Mr. French (see the Family Affair page for that), just Guy Madison and Andy Devine.

Guy Madison, my brother Bob, and myself in August 1952. Later on in 1971, Madison read for a part in the first feature I sold, "The Honkers"; even later on in the '70's, I had drinks with him in the Back Stage--the bar across from CBS Studio Center (old Republic Studios) where I worked a lot.

Andy Devine and me. His canvas set chair was special-built, twice as wide as any of the others.

Guy Madison mounting his horse for a shot. Location: Cedar Lake.

Location: Cedar Lake.

Location: Cedar Lake.

Bobby Hyatt, child actor on the Wild Bill Hickock Show segment we watched them film, prepares to leave Cedar Lake location after a long day's work.

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