The Young Rebels was another short-lived TV series about three young Americans fighting the British during the Revolutionary War. It starred Rick Ely, Lou Gossett, and Alex Henteloff. One of the three went on to win an Academy Award in later years. Shot mainly at the Columbia Ranch, we locationed at the Disney Ranch occasionally and the Fox Malibu Ranch one time.

Steve Lodge and two of the show's stars, Lou Gossett and Rick Ely.

Dave Cass and Jesse Wayne are the British soldiers at the center of the picture. Other British soldiers could be Jack Tyree, Conrad Palmasino, and Bruce Barbour, though I'm not sure. Jesse was Mickey Rooney's double back then, Dave went on to double Robert Mitchum, while Conrad and Bruce became stunt coordinators. Tyree was killed doing a high-fall some years later.

Here's what they were waiting for, an explosion, and time to earn their pay. Jesse Wayne and Dave Cass in far right of picture, beginning their falls.

The explosion's aftermath. Dead Brits!

Sitting around between takes on the Young Rebels set; formerly the Here Come The Brides set; before that, the Camp Runamuck set; and before that ... ???

From Jesse Wayne's personal collection.  Jesse Wayne on the set of The Young Rebels dressed as a British Soldier, playing one of the rough and tumble (stuntmen) soldiers.

I took my polaroid with me to the Fox Ranch only one time and got this pic of the fort. We were shooting the short-lived series, "The Young Rebels" starring Lou Gossett.

Shooting The Young Rebels at the Fox Malibu Ranch.

Myron Healy as President George Washington, taken at the Disney Ranch near our Valley Forge set. Myron wrote on the back of the picture:
Valley Forge - 8/21/70
From: The "Father" of your country!!
Thanks for all the help
and patience, Steve
God Bless -
Myron Healy
that is

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